Sunday, 19 February 2012

2012.02.19 My Day

I did get up early this morning honest; its just that I went back for a little while and I fell asleep again.

I have a small story to recount from Friday night.  My friend who I have been teaching to cook is starting to have a go at making things without me having to show her.  During the week she made a valentines cake for her sweetheart - a first and apparently it went down well and all fired up and full of enthusiasm on Friday evening she decided she wanted to have a go at butterfly cakes.  She wanted to make some with pink cream in.  Things didn't quite go to plan and she caught the cochineal bottle in the cupboard, which fell into the bowl and spilt half of its contents.  My friend was all ready to sling the mixture and I told her to carry on beating the mixture.  Yes she had bright pink cakes, but instead of putting pink cream in she put white in and sprinkled them with icing sugar they looked quite pretty and tasted lovely.  So happy mistakes do happen.  She ended up calling them blushing cakes! 

Its been a beautiful day here in Peterborough today; very cold but the sun has been out to play and that always makes you feel so good about things generally.   I am re-arranging my bedroom and trying to get a lot of rubbish sorted out generally (a) so that I can find things and (b) get the next batch of ironing put away.  This seems to be a monthly game with me re-arranging the bedroom, but hey it keeps on top of things that way.  The washing machine is whirring around and I could have done with getting the washing out on the line, but instead it has had to go into the tumble drier as in the past few weeks the wind has knocked down several panels of fencing that need to be replaced and my washing line was connected to them.  Whoops a daisy.  It will soon get sorted and then I can then get the washing out to dry.

Tea tonight has been chicken cooked on the Rotisserie served with home made chips and one of the new chutneys I made last year a Pineapple relish with home made bread and butter.  It was extremely tasty, chicken done on a Rotisserie is always nice and moist and full of flavour. Oh enjoyed anyway. 

I have lots to get on with so short and sweet tonight.

Catch up soon I promise.




  1. Love the idea of those blushing cakes, and if no one told you who'd know different?
    Moving things in the bedroom - I know that feeling too lol!
    My ironing will have to be tackled tomorrow morning, wish I'd done it today though. Hope you can manage to get your fence fixed soon.
    Your rotisserie chicken sounds so lovely and moist

  2. the blushing cakes sound wonderful xx


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