Monday, 27 February 2012


Looks innnocent doesn't he!  Let me tell you he is not quite as innocent as he looks.

Last evening I was tired and my patience was running thin.  I managed to get Demetri in gone 9.00 p.m. and that was it he was in for the evening as far as I was concerned. We have no cat flap and because I have lost cats who were left out overnight I am very reluctant to let them stay out, during the day they are allowed to roam if they want to but not at night. For some unknown reason after he had fed Demetri was determined he was going out again; I was just as equally determined he wasn't; we had grumbling, he was extremely vocal and wasn't going to pack up. [Demetri when he calls sounds like a monster, deep gutteral and extremely wowy)  Negotiating with a cat is never easy at the best of times, but he was determined he was going to have the last word no matter what.  When I came down at 3.00 a.m. this morning he had  another pop at me. (he had come up the stairs calling at me to get up).  He wasn't impressed as I wasn'tplaying ball.

Roll on a few hours, time for me to get up, was just coming too when OH announced Demetri has let himself out. He had managed to lift the metal bar that locks down on the push out window and escaped.  He came in about 9 p.m. this evening, fed like he hadn't been fed for ages, and is now fast asleep on the settee as though butter wouldn't melt.

I had another cat that did this, bless his soul, my beautiful Tyson.  We had to strap the windown catch down with a couple of my covered elastic bands that I use for my hair - he couldn't get through those.  I think I am going to be doing the same with Demetri.

For some unknown reason nearly every cat I have suffers from serious cattitude.  I really wouldn't want them any other way; it makes them what they are, everyone a treasured individual.

I am hoping for a quieter evening tonight.

Catch you soon




  1. Nothing more determined than a cat with cattitude!

  2. Hi Rose and Diane

    Yep I love them to bits they and Missy have their humans well trained! They do make you laugh especially if you are a little down. Although sometimes this house resembles a racing circuit with Squeak chasing Missy round the house and visa versa and they say cats and dogs don't get on. Things are even a tad easier with Demetri and Missy now he is getting more tolerant than he was but it is still early days.

    Wouldn't be without them and even when I get new cats they don't replace those gone to the summerlands, they are just further additions to the family. I am a big softie on the q.t.

    Take care ladies and I hope you have both had a lovely day




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