Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Faggots Brack and Malt Loaf.

We are both rather taken with the Brack recipe I made the other day.  Unfortunately I am unable to post photos at the moment as the battery charger has gone missing.  Hopefully I will locate it soon and be able to remedy this.  Needless to say this will be making a regular appearance on the baking list.

I still have not tried the Malt Loaf; the recipe said to let it rest for a couple of days wrapped in tin foil so this is what I have done.  Will probably try it tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow nights tea will be faggots, mashed potato, carrots and cabbage.  We need something warm in this very cold spell of weather that we are having at the moment. It has been very cold and very frosty in the mornings with the temperature dropping radically of an evening; and yet here we are into the second month of the New Year already.

Yesterday I received a letter from my cousin- which was very pleasing to receive; today I have received another instalment to my Art of Crotchet partwork I have been collecting; we are nearly at the end of that.  Most delightful of all though is that I have taken part in a draw at Second Hand Rose's blog and have been awarded a flower painted tole hook which is rather pretty and which arrived today.  Many thanks Rose - it is lovely.

It has been OH's birthday today.  We. celebrated last night as I was out this evening at the Psychic & Spiratual Fellowship.  See link here for more details  It was a students practice evening (of which I am one) and I have been able to give three messages the information of which has all been taken.  A good and interesting evening but daunting all the same to start with. 

Hopefully my mum is coming to spend the day with us next Sunday which I am rather looking forward to.

Right I am off to bed take care whereever you are and I will play catch up later on.

Sweet dreams



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  1. Oh, faggots - a rare treat for me as there is no-way OH would eat them!
    So pleased the tole ware hook has found a happy home :o)
    Rose H


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