Monday, 20 February 2012

Favourite Perfumes

Since I was 11 I have on and off collected perfume bottles; at one stage I had quite a collection, then I had a sort out as it were and disposed of quite a few pretty ones which I have regretted ever since. However I have started collecting again and have quite a few.  They are at the moment packed away; maybe one day I will share some photographs, but whilst I have been pottering about (under the bed) in the bedroom I started thinking of a couple of perfumes that I haven't seen for an awful long while, both of them favourites although not terribly expensive.  There used to be a perfume I think it was called "Windsong" by Prince Matchabelli and one called Pure Silk by Yardley; but I haven't seen them for a very long time.  I was particularly fond of the Pure Silk by Yardley as an every day perfume.    I don't suppose anyone knows of a source?  I also like Eternity, Dune and Angel which are more expensive, but I also liked the old favourite "Blue Grass".  Two of my absolute favourites though are Laid du Temps by Nina Ricci and John Paul Gaultier "Classique".

What are your favourite perfumes and are you faithful just to one particular brand or do you ring the changes and try something new once in a while.  Would love to hear from you.

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  1. I wear Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier even though I'm a woman ^-^

  2. I too have a collection of perfume bottles - no surprise there eh! I packed them away just before Christmas to clear some of the clutter off the dressing table.
    I used to wear perfume most days when I worked but only on odd occasions now,no one favourite just would depend on my mood.

  3. I can't wear perfume any more because of my husband's asthma and I can't even remember the name of my favourite - it was a light flowery perfume and expensive is all I can tell you:)

  4. I loved Clinique's 'Simply' and was so disappointed when it was discontinued.
    Now I have some Issy Miyake Eau d'Issy, which I wear on high days and holy days only!

  5. I haven't worn perfume for years, but I do sometimes wear musk, sandalwood or patchouli essential oils - I like quite earthy smells! We buy a solid deodorant from Lush & that works well as a perfume too.

    Hope you're having a good week Pattypan!

    Kay :)

  6. Willow, it doesn't matter as long as you like it - after all its down to personal choice as we have to "wear it". I remember when I was younger females wearing "Brut" aftershave and more recently Davidos Blue Water; all that matters is that you are comfortable and that it suits you. Nice to hear from you thank you for "popping in".


    Why am I not surprised that you collect perfume bottles! We seem to have very similar tastes and your perfume bottles are packed away too! Take care hope you are keeping well

    Dear Rowan,

    Am so sorry that you do not get to wear perfume and am sorry that your husband suffers from asthma. One of the girls I work with has a similar problem. However I do think perfume is a good cheer up pill if you are in the dumps. Hope you are keeping well. Take care.


    Haven't heard of either of those, but they sound exotic. Will have to keep my eyes open next time I am near the perfume shop in town. Holy days indeed. Bless you.

    Hi Kay

    Like your choices although I cannot wear musk neat it always smells lovely on other people though. I am very fond of sandalwood though and I love patchouli - very sensual. I use the crystal natural deodorant when I can get it; it works very well too. We have a Lush near us will have to have a nosey. Hope you and Sime are keeping well. Hope you have a good week too.

    Hugs to all you lovely ladies

    Take care




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