Thursday, 9 February 2012

Return of the Snow

Just before I left work this evening at 5.35 the snow started again. My friend Tiggy (who I also work with)also gave me some Douwe Egbert coffee jars she had finished with and they will come in very handy as storage jars  for my dresser; they are due to be soaked and then washed a little later on. 

We came home in a sleet/snow storm.  After getting in I set to and made tea, a scratch tea just using what we had available to us and we ended up having an old faithful, home made chips, baked beans in tomato sauce (Branston beans) and a couple of fried eggs with bread and butter and a mug of hot tea. It went down very well in the circumstances.  I was supposed to have been out to see a friend this evening, but unfortunately she was unwell  and had to cancel which was a shame.  As a result I ended up phoning a couple of friends as a result of which I did not take much notice of what was going on outside.  When I did go out I was astonished to find that we have yet again had another very heavy snow storm where the snow has settled once again.  It has been bitterly cold all day and normally when it is just about to snow it gets warmer.  Not today it didn't and it is bitterly cold out; how people, the wild animals and birds manage to survive  out there I just do not know.  On nights  and days like these I count my blessings.

Needless to say the animals haven't strayed far all evening and neither have I.  Just wish I had a nice log fire to curl up in front of that would be bliss - I have always been one for curling up on the rug in front of the fire.  One day.... 

Just take care wherever you may be.




  1. Hi Pattypan,

    We still don't have any snow here, but it is cold & we really must go to bed (a sign we've got time on our hands - up so late)!

    Keep warm & take care.

    K&S xx

  2. It's been bitterly cold here too and last night rained, just before I turned in at about 2.30am it had frozen and then it had just started to snow...We only got a light fall though in the end. My OH goes out to work at 3.30am and I was worried for him on the roads, but he said it wasn't too bad thank goodness.
    I'm not straying far today, keep safe and warm my friend.
    Rose H

  3. A nice log fire would be great wouldn't it? No snow here on freezing rain and the same bitter cold. Stay warm.


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