Thursday, 22 March 2012

2012.03.22 My Day

Today has been a busy one and I am still suffering with the cold I had last weekend - it just will not shift; I met my friend for lunch and we had a good natter , but as always time always goes very quickly.  

OH has been busy applying for a job/jobs this week although had come to a standstill as he could not locate his exam certificates.  I told him where they were roughly, but he would not have it.  I told him that I would fish them out tonight, but there is no need.  I got a phone call earlier in the day to say that he had found them where I had said, so I am pleased about that and he can now get his applications completed.  

However there was also an extra bonus he has also found my overlocker and my sewing machine so I am hoping to have a bit of a play around come this weekend; I really could do with some time to play with my crafts and get some of the bits and bobs I have on the go completed.  I am particularly keen to have a play with some patchwork.  Will see how we get on.

The weather was lovely at dinner time and I went out without my coat, but this afternoon the wind has got a bit of a nip on and on arriving home I had to put the heating on for  a little while.  

We have had scampi, home made chips, mushy peas and bread and butter for tea which went down very well although I couldn't eat everything tonight, just not much of an appetite at the moment I feel a little off colour, I feel full although I haven't particularly had much to eat and a little "sicky".  Never mind it will sort itself out.

Right am off to potter - might make it back a little later will see how things go.

Take care




  1. Hope that you feel better for the weekend, Tricia and that you get some time for craftiness ;)

    Take care *H*

  2. Hi Pattypan - sorry to hear you're still feeling under the weather... Make sure you take care of yourself & don't forget to rest!

    Kay :)

  3. Crafts soothe the soul and make you feel much better! Roll on Saturday :o)


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