Saturday, 24 March 2012

2012.03.24 My Day

Its been a busy day here today; tidying my bedroom I thought it was boing to be a breeze like the lovely fresh air that came into the house; not so.  One of my hanging rails completely collapsed and I ended up recovering a load of clothes and putting it all back together again; ah well these things are sent to try us; but we are getting on slowly.

Its gone chilly here tonight; then Demetri has managed to escape out of the bathroom window why am I not surprised OH left the bathroom door open so it looks as though he will be late in tonight

I was a bit peeved earlier on tonight.  I have a patio set in the garden to seat eight; the other week two fence panels got blown down so there is access to next doors between the garden.  Its a mixed household of Polish and they helped themselves to my table and chairs without asking they just removed them and they ended up in their garden.  I only found out by chance and I am afraid I read the riot act at them and made them put the table and chairs back in our garden again and told them in no uncertain terms that it was "stealing".  I am sorry it really has peed me off - you just don't expect things like that.  They then tried to tell me that they would put it back tomorrow and I said no - now!  

Is it me have I missed something you just don't do things like that!  Grrh!  If I could move I would - it's tantamount to when my Dad decided that we were leaving Council accommodation and were going to buy our own house - we had only been back in the house 10 minutes after coming back off holiday when the twins next door but one painted my Dad's black Morris Minor pale blue - Dad copped them red handed  with the paintbrush and the paint tin and their father swore blind his little angels wouldn't and hadn't done it.  

Gardening tomorrow as well as finishing off tidying the bedroom.

Hope you have had a good day

Don't forget the clocks




  1. How very strange that they thought it was ok to take your stuff? Beggers belief really. My dream is of a little dinky place, not to big but with a decent bit of land, 3 labs and that's about all I need...Such generous creatures I miss that simple love;-(

  2. Hi Capn Shagrat

    Wouldn't mind - they have asked to borrow in the past and we have said no - so it makes it worse really. It's not often I put my foot down and say no - I am usually pretty easy going - this just served to infuriate me even more.

    We have a little Jack Russell called Missy and two cats Squeak and Demetri - Missy mothers them both. I grew up with Labs - my family nearly always had them and we had Woody who was a gun dog but they are all heart have to have animals help take you out of yourself.

    Take care and thanks for popping by


  3. What a bloody cheek! I'd be more than a bit peeved....glad you'vegot them back though.
    Rose H


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