Saturday, 3 March 2012

Catch up

Sorry I have not been around much this week, it has been one of those weeks and with the car still ot of action (the gear box needs replacing) OUCH I have been walking everywhere and when I have got in I have been absolutely tired out after getting tea etc,

After completing the front garden last week (well it is only small) and making it all nice and tidy.  Today I am starting on the back gaerden.  {if I get lost it will probably be due to getting trapped in the undergrowth at the bottom of the garden)  I am determined this year to at least have a little patch to grow a few veggies.  Niow the back garden is not likely to be done in one weekend, but if I can break it off into bite sized managebke oeces they will all add up. to one big bit eventually.  Besides being out in the fresh air was good last week especially after being cooped uo in an office all week.  Instead of being a constant dreamer without any action I have decided to try and live my dreams.  It is only a very small start but there is a greenhouse at the bottom of the garden somewhere.  I just have to tame the brambkes and weeds in between..

Hopefully I will catcb up soon




  1. dont try and do too much at once and you will be fine x and will finish.... eventually xx

  2. Sounds like a great plan, we'd love a greenhouse - but the winds we get here wouldn't allow it!

    Look forward to seeing some photos & hearing more.

    Enjoy living your dream Pattypan & have a lovely weekend!

    Love K&S xx


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