Saturday, 10 March 2012

Evening all

Well the wanderer has returned.  I have had a very pleasant evening at the Spiritualist Church Service supporting my friend and also meeting up with another friend as well.  It has been a very pleasant evening where the majority of people were strangers to me but where I have felt very comfortable and welcomed.  My friend did brilliantly with her messages and presentation.  It has been a lovely evening.

I am now home just sitting quietly with no TV on; Demetri and Squeak are both in the land of nod and I don't even have the heating on at the moment.  They are such loyal trusting creatures, just content to be nearby safe and comfortable. It will not be long before I will wend my way up to bed complete with hottie bottie.   I have had a busy day with the gardening; my back and hips ache a little so I need to keep myself warm (hence the hottie bottie).  If the weather is fine I intend to carry on with the gardening again tomorrow.  I have a lot to do and this may take me a good few weeks but it will be a job well done and I want to grow some of my own veg this year to help out with putting the food down for the winter months  as well as take advantage of anything else that comes my way.  I particularly like growing things from seed and now is the time to start doing something about it.  I have some small woodland strawberries that have self set in the garden so I shall be planting them into my strawberry pot.  I used to have a large wooden strawberry barrel for many years until it fell apart.  I think I had it for about fifteen years.  There are some self set blackberry bushes that will need to be replanted in due course and I think the OH is going to have to help me get those up, but I shall look out for some fruit bushes and plants in the meantime.

I have dug a Chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow night's tea and some sausage meat.  I intend to make some stuffing to go with the chicken and some bread sauce.  I might also make some apple chutney if I have the time.  Having restocked up with the veggies has helped hugely.  I have bought a lot of parsnips and sweet potato and carrots and swede.  I am hopefully going to be able to get these prepared and into the freezer and do this for a couple of weeks or so, so that I end up with a good supply of prepared veg to hand.  I am particularly looking forward to the purple sprouting broccoli that I obtained today as it is one of my favourite veggies and it is full of goodness and I find it goes particularly well with chicken.  Although if there is any left I might cook it up during the week and serve it with some pasta and a cheese sauce.

Right I am off to settle my feathers - its an early night for me tonight and I think I have earned a sprawl today.  The front garden is still looking nice and tidy thank goodness.

Catch up soon



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