Saturday, 31 March 2012

Friday Night and Saturday

Sorry have been missing for a few days this week.  We have had further problems with the car; an oil seal went and also the motor on the passenger side of the car got stuck and the window could not be made secure.  I had to walk to work and also home again for three days this week. I did though managed to get into town yesterday dinner; on a Friday dinner I tend to go to the market and to Wilkinsons. I managed to get two metres of tiny green gingham check from the market for £1 a metre and also 10 metres of white tape to make some home made bunting for 20pence a metre = £2.  Something else for the playing box.  The green check is destined for a lap quilt in due course.

Things have been a tad busy at work; it has been year end and I have been  billing forever and ever.  A load of us ended up in the pub for a little while; and I ended up drinking cider Aspalls a sweet one for a change and it was really good.  In fact I stayed  a little longer than I had intended but I enjoyed myself in any event.  I should have been at my friends at but did not get there until gone 9.00 pm. I was happy but not in a real state and so I spent a little time with her OH had got a Kentucky which we shared with her and I went to bed quite happy and slept really well.

This morning I had to get up; I had left the alarm on my phone and left it downstairs.  I could hear it swearing and so got up switched it off and then went back to bed for a little while eventually getting up at about 10.30 a.m. since then I have had quite a lazy day apart from going shopping.  Sadly I did not get into the garden.

Its been grey and cold here in Peterborough.  The sun came out for a little while and then disappeared again and whilst I was out shopping it got rextremely cold; back to wintery weather  again so soon.  But then it is only March and we have been lulled into a false sense of security with having such good weather-  unseasonally so.  So much so according to the Veg Shop owners people have been asking for bedding plants etc expecting to be able to leave them out, but they and myself had always understood that everything if started this early on in the season should be put under cover and that plants etc shouldn't be put out until all risk of frost is removed usually around the second week in May.  Fortunately so far all I have started is my potatoes, but some seeds are going to go into the mini greenhouses once I have sorted the new covers out and some on the bathroom windowsill.

We have had a Chinese for tea this evening' its a long time since we had one and we really enjoyed it

My friend is not well and her friend who is staying with her at the moment has her long term partner in hospital and is having major problems with the staff at the hospital with them giving conflicting information and also not being able to speak to the Consultant so have been over to try and help a bit getting financial bits and bobs sorted out for her.

I have spent some time filing this afternoon, knitting patterns, craft patterns, cooking recipes, just trying to get stuff organised into a Lever Arch file so that I can find things when I need them.

I have had to put the heating on again as it has gone quite cold. Demetri has taken over an old gardening jumper of mine for his bed. He is curled up fast asleep at the moment big softie.  Just pleased for a bit of fuss, warmth and regular grub.

I am looking forward to the long weekend next weekend.  We have the Friday and the following Monday off work for Easter and I have a lot to do as usual.  Next Friday I have plans for helping my friend start her patchwork off.

We have roast chicken tomorrow for tea; think this time round am going to stuff it and also do bread sauce. I try and vary things week by week; often just subtle changes but it all helps to keep things interesting, and the palate entertained.  We also have profiteroles and cream for pudding.  Yummy.

Hope you have had a good weekend and evening so far

Catch up soon

Take care wherever you are



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