Saturday, 17 March 2012

I woke up to gentle rain that lasted for a good couple of hours this morning I woke about 6 am and then nodded back off;  its good to have rain but we need a lot more as we have hardly had any rainfall at all. 

 I am afraid I hugged my bed a little; I felt better earlier on for the long sleep I have had but the cold has progressively got worse during the day.  I have been sat quietly hardly doing anything;  that has been a bit of a novelty doing nothing I am not renowned for doing nowt!  Unfortunately because I have this darned cold I will be unable to see my darling mother;[ she has auto immune disease and we cannot go anywhere near her if any of us have an infection of any kind due to her reduced immune system]; to make matters worse the chap who has mended the car (he returned it last night) has had chicken pox so there is no way we can go near her for a few days.  We were hoping to go over tomorrow; I am bitterly disappointed  something always happens or manages to get in the way!  Best laid plans of mice and men.  Aargh!

Originally we were hoping to see Mum three weeks ago she was supposed to come for dinner but that is when the car croaked it; and we had to let her down then so I feel as if I haven't seen her for absolutely ages, and it is upsetting me a little
. Fortunately Mum is going to my brother's for her dinner tomorrow so she will not be on her own.  This is the first Mother's Day I have missed.  I am off to bed early again; just to keep warm and comfy although I don't feel remotely tired. I seemed to have done all the sleeping last night although still feel grotty.

So its been a quiet day here in Peterborough I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Take care wherever you may be




  1. Sorry you still feel rough, I'd also be guzzling honey and lemon drink.
    I'm certain your Mom understands, and you can still speak to her :o) Just think it'll be even sweeter when you can go and see her.
    Have another easy day and hopefully you'll feed much better.
    Sending a hug,
    Rose H

  2. Keeping warm and resting is the best thing you can do - plenty of fluids too. Get well soon.


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