Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Part 2

Its been a lovely day here in Peterborough, the sun has been out although the wind is a little chilly; we went walkies with Missy down to the river and let her run.  Lots of nettles coming on with new growth, some cowslips and primroses and a big patch of wild violets.  It is so lovely to see Spring in full swing;  the resident swan was guarding her nest she always parks herself in the same spot every year.  Peterborough Volunteers have been out around the boardwalks clearing all the dead brushwood, and giving trees a haircut and letting them breathe once more.  Its just lovely to see all the new growth and there is lots of wild plum blossom again so we are hopeful of being able to get to the plums before someone else does later on.  

Well since my quiet minutes earlier on today where I enjoyed some ME time for a change, I have been in the garden fighting brambles overgrown Buddlehia's rose bushes - and quite frankly it looks a mess. More of a mess than when I started, but then it is in for a massive hair cut all round; disposing of broken pots and various bits of rubbish.  The grass is non-exisitent but that might serve my purposes well enough as I want a veggie garden  It's going to take a while but we have decided that this week as I have no where to go at the moment after I have finished at work, and because we have the extra light hours that we might go and do a bit in the garden each day to see if we can restore it to some law and order. OH has suddenly decided that this year we are going to have some kind of patio area so that we can sit out and enjoy the fresh air (this is what I have been wanting for the past five years so I am ever hopeful but the jury is out on past performance).  I also want to get my seed houses up and running (they need new covers) and somewhere down the bottom of the garden is a greenhouse which also needs sorting out!  And a dilapidated shed.  Its a bit like the secret garden hidden away in the middle of nowhere under my spreading cherry tree.

However some of my plants are showing signs of new growth my Lemon Verbena has made it over the winter there are new shoots forming; my rhubarb, my Angelica, my thymes - the Rosemary has been hit so I am going to have to replace that, the hydrangea's the box tub my bay tree shrub and two of my standards I am doing.  I am not an expert gardener I make a lot of mistake or time runs out for me, but I do give it a go and I do seem to be quite succesful with growing stuff from seed.  I could do with a couple of window sill propogators to get some seeds on the go.  I have decided I am going to grow some sunflowers this year and see if I can harvest the seed heads as I use a lot of them in cereals and in bread baking.  I am also itching to get to a garden centre to have a mosey at what is about.

So now I am in I am going to have a cuppa, get the roast on for tea we are having some roast pork with apple sauce roasties, peas cauliflower and some broccoli.  

After dinner is underway I am then going to get back and do some more in the bedroom (I think I will be doing that all week as well) along with the big pile of ironing.  I tend to iron later on at night after I have got other jobs out of the way.   Time is very much of the essence when you work full time.
Right I am off to potter some more

Hope you are all having a good day (even those who have to work unsociable hours)

Take care catch up soon


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