Sunday, 25 March 2012

Morning and ME Time

It's quiet and misty here; the sun so far has not put in an appearance but I think that is down to it burning off the residual moisture in the air which it is sure to do later on.  

Later on already and yet  I am up early and still its an hour on, but so many benefits of more daylight. Traffic is starting to stir; and there is the gentle background cacophony of birds calling and singing their songs and their hearts out. 

 I am on my own at the moment; no sign of Missy the cats have been and gone and it is just me coming too gracefully in my own time and my own space. The kettle is on signing its song and boiling water for a nice hot mug of sweet tea to bring me to my senses and reinforce me for the work to do this day; this is the unhurried time for me the time when I am best left alone to come too gradually without any interference or being pushed along on the conveyor belt of life.  This is the valuable ME time which is so very rare these days, but which we all need to restore our inner essence and focus our minds on what is to be achieved. Precious time where our whole psyche re-strings itself to carry on playing it's own effervescent stream of melody which is your own indefinable life song and defines who we are.

Now it's time for this babbling brook  to go and get  her mug of hot sweet tea and  she hopes you have a lovely all singing lovely day.  Heart string music is important especially for us all to be - just don't forget to breathe.



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