Sunday, 4 March 2012

Proper Winter Afternoon

It is horrible outside not stopped raining yet  and the wind is up- a proper grey winter afternoon.  (Apparently they have had snow just up the road from us in Wisbech).  An afternoon for being totally cuddled up at home.  Having a log fire would be pure perfection. Sigh one day!

 I have been in the kitchen baking; I have two deep plain victoria sponges cooking as we speak and a tray of butterfly/cup cake buns waiting to go in.  I have dragged my Kenwood out of retirement and been fiddling around, radio on in my own little world.  I used to do a lot of baking at one time, but it has dripped off to virtually nothing although I am known for  my spurts of enthusiasm but this is something I am going to remedy and probably do on a Saturday afternoon if I can get myself organised properly and get the bread made as well.  In fact my original passion was cake making and decorating but then I went on to preserving.  Trouble is when I am doing anything  I am easily distracted by either trawling round the Internet or by a book a magazine article a piece of music. A sob story - or getting touchy feely with fabrics, wool and the like. Or I get completely involved in the moment cooking something new, researching it and making adjustments if necessary to suit my own tastes.  I like the opportunity to play.

Sunday roast is on - piece of pork with lots of crackling; the apple sauce is already made - I made this yesterday and I am going to serve shredded buttered cabbage (savoy type), broccoli, carrot,s roast potato,parsnip garlic, shallot mixture and garlic(cooked in the pork juices) and some individual home made Yorkshire pudding with lashings of gravy.  There is enough veg for a second helping or for making down into bubble n squeak but there should be plenty of pork left for slicing and storing in the freezer for another day. Yummy I am very hungry.

Right am off to carry on a bit more.

Catch you all later on



  1. sounds like the best way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon xx

  2. It's been very windy and wintery here too, and snow just ten miles away.
    I LOVE baking, such a relaxing way to spend a few hours with yummie things at the end of it, but sadly don't do so much of it now - I try to keep temptation out of my way :o( Though I will be baking dear daughter a birthday cake later this week as she will reach the 'big 30' - Chocolate of course :o)
    Hope you have a great week, stay warm and safe.


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