Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday morning

Its chilly and heavy rain is falling here in Peterbough. I have been up for a little while pottering around just in my pj's and my fluffy dressing gown; having the occasional cup of tea and listening to the pitter patter of the rain as it hits the window pane and sploshes on the pavements outside and the hissing of the puddles as cars go through them about their daily business.  There seems to be a lot of traffic this morning, especially for a Sunday.  However we very much need the rain as it has been so long since we really had a good drenching so cannot really complain.  Water the most important thing we rely on.

My constant companion Squeak is with me demanding her fuss and attention - Demetri is out again on his travels he will be holed up somewhere knowing him.  I have called but there is no response.  He is not very keen on the rain and if its raining when he is due to go out he bawls looks up at you as though you have the power to switch it off.  Silly mog.   He escaped again last night after he had been fed and watered - let himself out.  So I have had to use electrical tape on the window to stop him going out and letting the cold into the house especially after getting it nice and warm.  He will come in when he is ready he is known to bawl at the back door when he is ready to come in.  My stray is very much liking his creature comforts and of course he has to have a fuss and if you don't give him the required amount of attention he comes and helps himself.

I had been hoping to get the garden done - at the minute by the time I get home it is too dark to do any gardening and I don't thing torch light gardening is called for just yet.  Ah well these things are sent to try us.  But it is going to get done soon.

No doubt I will be able to find plenty of other things to do.  I think its a play in the kitchen day.

Think its a puddle jumping kind a day

Catch up soon




  1. What joy puddle jumping was as a child :o)

  2. Especially in me little red wellies! Shame we have to grow up!


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