Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday morning

I haven't long been up; although I got up at 6 .m. and 9.30 a.m and then about 11.00 a.m OH bought me breakfast up (a rare treat) and so I have had a very long lie in for me.  I am still full of  cold, but feel a tad brighter than I did.  Thank you for all your kind comments and support - the TLC has been very welcome.

The rain has been gently falling all morning again; we do need it, but we need a lot more than we are having at present; saying that the nights are getting lighter and we are hearing the birds greet the early morning night with such gusto its at times like these that I want to be deep in the countryside rather than esconced in town, I am missing so much of the natural life cycle of the seasons which are all pretty magical

OH went to the veg shop for me yesterday; The eggs for. a full tray of 30 has gone up to £3.30 a tray from £3 last week; but in the Asian shop they are charging nearly £4 a tray.  The eggs from the veg shop come from a small concern who looks after his animals and both he and the veg shop have done their best to keep prices down; but at some point they have had to become realistic, they are in business and have to have a small profit but they are still not ripping people off.  I therefore where I can support the smaller shopkeeper for this very reason rather than the supermarkets.

Last night before going to bed I dosed up on a couple of large glasses of Cassis (home made version) together with a hot mug of water and I was alternating them.  It seems to have done the trick as I did not get up in the early hours like I normally do.  I have some chicken stock to make for some soup  and then some Onion Soup to make; all to help with this bloomin cold.

I am off for a gentle afternoon of pottering we are having cottage pie for tea tonight.

Wishing my mum and all other types of mums a very happy Mother's Day and a lovely day to boot.

Catch up soon



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  1. Pleased to read you had a good night and feel a little better. Don't try doing too much, even if you feel ok, it'll take too much out of you...from one who knows!
    Rose H
    P.S. That cassis sounds good ;o)


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