Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Round up

Well tea went down very well was very tasty,  simply served on its own with the bread and butter followed by a nice pear cider to wash it down with.  I am a little partial to cider one of my favourites in the past has been dry Blackthorn.  I am now completely stuffed from eating too much for me, but then I don't normally manage to eat a full plate full on the best of days.

The cats are crashed out and it won't be long before I go up to bed.  I have work tomorrow and no doubt it will be another long day

  And on the freezer front; well I have four hefty two portion pots of the Carrot and Swede Crush, 4 x 1 pint bags of chicken stock plus another pint for the onion soup, 4 trays of Parsnip  x 6 pieces and once the soup has cooled down there will be a couple of pots of onion soup too.  I still have the potato and also the sweet potato, some more carrot and some swede to process, but they will probably get done tomorrow night or at least some of it.  I am out on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday evening as I have some business to attend to  so it looks as though I will have to get a wriggle on tomorrow night to get these extra bits prepared for the freezer.  That is unless I get sidelined by something else. 

 So it looks as though it is going to be another busy week.  I am meeting my good work mate for lunch tomorrow and am looking forward to a good natter and put the world to rights session.  I am very blessed in my life that I have a good network of friends (warts n all friends who are not afraid to tell it how it is and stand by you through thick and thin even when you get things wrong- real life friends and my special Internet friends too, who although I have never met a lot of them (I have met dear Anne (Silver Sewer) but very few others  I get the distinct impression we would hit it off and never stop talking!

On that note I shall say goodnight take care wherever you are and I will catch up again during the week.

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  1. Hi Pattypan - Your cold obviously didn't set you back for too long...

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend! It's great getting the freezer stocked - ours is mainly full of cooked dried beans & bread!

    Have a good week.

    K&S xx


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