Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tea Time

Hello Pattypan popping in for a tea break (or should that be Hong Kong Phooey)!

I have had a lovely time pottering out in the garden - still on the same stretch, but I am nothing if not thorough when I am doing a job.  The weather has been lovely and it soon warmed up.  I went out with a sweatshirt and a very thick old gardening jumper that I refuse to throw away even though it is holy, a pair of old jeans and my wellie Gog's.   Armed and dangerous.

I have really been giving this stretch of the garden a good going over and as part of my cleaning process I decided to bleach the drain out and remove all the leaves that had accumulated.  Big mistake this job took longer than usual and when I flushed the sink the drain spilt out on to my nicely clean pavement.  Yuk! I tell you it is just the depth that changes with me.  Well in I got stuck removing all sorts of debris from the drain but in the end I had to get OH to give it a final shove and get the pipe clear which involved taking up the inspection hatch lid.  I tell you it is a very murky world down there.Not one I want to frequent again in a hurry.

OH wasn't very happy with me,  but I think this pipe has been blocked for a little while although he won't have it.  This is the first time really I have ventured down the garden in months. But all's well that ends well.  I have now bleached everything within an inch of its life and everything is now smelling sweet again.  Needless to say OH and I have had copious amounts of Dettol (disinfectant) splashed into the washing water.  Better to be safe than sorry.

I am having a nice cuppa tea and am just about to venture forth again.  I am loving being out in the fresh air  - well it is now and just pottering and getting back to nature and grounding myself.  I hope I get the opportunity to really get stuck in over the next few weeks and I hope the weather is just as nice.  Think it will be a late tea tonight.

Hope you are having a good afternoon

Catch up later



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  1. Happy Spring to you Patty Pan! Usually we would still be having sloppy snow and cold temps but have had an unusual dose of spring with mid 60's (F) for 4 days! It promises to stay though I'm sure we aren't done with snow. I too an always drawn into the garden as soon as the weather turns. Have little seedlings under grow lights going waiting to be planted in late May. So nice to drop in and hear all you are up to!


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