Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This Evening

Since getting back this evening, we hadn't been in the house that long when we heard a terrible bang and a clump, squealing breaks acceleration and then a car running off apace.  By the time we had got out the car had gone into the ether just leaving wreckage behind it; our neighbours son's girlfriend's car has been written off and it was pushed up the street into the back of our car perched onto the tow bar and shifting our car out from where it had been parked it had obviously hit with a terrible thump to have moved our car out.  There were witnesses to the crunch and run;  the matter was subsequently reported to the Police who didn't come out to inspect the crunch but who have managed to arrest someone but we do not know whether he is insured or not.  On the face of it, our car looks okay apart from the tow bar which has been re-arranged, but the neighbours girlfriend's car we think is a complete write off.  We have only had the car back three days!

We will find out more in the morning but we do not at the moment think our car has incurred any major damage but OH will check it out in the morning.

What more of a reason could I want to get out of the city.

We have a major problem in this neighbourhood in Peterborough that boy racers going chasing through the streets unnecessarily and we are really worried that as a result of this craziness someone through no fault of their own will end up being hurt or worse still killed we have an Infant and Junior school central to the streets and it could be a child next.  I just wish the Police would address these boy racers with parents who have more money than sense.

The good point here is so far no one has been hurt.

I still feel very alive,very enthusiastic and counting my blessings that things are no worse. 

catch you all soon




  1. Sorry to hear about your car, I hope there's not too much damage. xx

  2. thank goodness no one was in either car at the time.

  3. Word fail me Trishia. Yes, I too am pleased that no one was hurt...well actually not quite, the person who caused this should have at least broke a leg - swine!
    Rose H


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