Saturday, 24 March 2012

Toasted Sarnies do the trick

I have been busy bimbling and pottering away in the bedroom; starting the spring clean at the top so to say; after all it makes sense that to get the pile of irnong away I must be able to get things put away in wardrobes so it will all be nice and tidy and order restored.  I have been inspired by the weather as much as anything here today it has been a bright sunny day; the air is sweet and I have flung open all the windows to let the fresh air into the house. Squeak is quite bemused by the whole affair and keeps popping in and outside the downstairs windows - she tried the bathroom one and got stuck as I have a venetian blind in there for some privacy and I had to rescue her. [personally I think she just makes any excuse for a cuddle]  I will however be gardening tomorrow, but the bed linen is on the line (a sort of rickety rigged up one at the moment) so that I can get freshness back into the house after the winter months.  That will be nice. I love the smell of fresh line dried linen.  Heaven!

I sort of lost track of the time whilst I have been sorting out the drawers, folding up things nicely again and restoring law and order and suddenly realised that I was very hungry.  Not wanting to stop per se to do very much I remembered that it was a while since I had last used the toastie maker so grabbed that out of the cupboard and all systems go cheese and red onion toasties in a matter of about ten minutes; the cheese goes all crispy and lovely with a nice mug of hot tea to wash everything down and now I am ready for action until later on when we will probably have a quick supper like beans on toast or poached egg on toast - will have to see where I am with the spring cleaning of my bedroom.  It will be a job well done but not what I had planned to do but it all needs doing at some point so I am going to get stuck back in.

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