Wednesday, 21 March 2012

An unexpected gift

I have a lovely  Russian Friend who is a locally known contemporary artist called Veronika Leontyeva.  Veronika regularly has art shows  in the Peterborough area and this evening she has given me an oil painting as a gift, and I feel very humbled to be given so special a gift.  I find her work is very atmospheric and I love her use of colour; Veronika is not afraid to use colour and I like the way she uses several colours to define depth and definition.  It also makes her pictures vibrant and alive.

The picture she has given to me this evening is on the fourth row down second in from the left next to the Irises and is called "The Lonely Fisherman".

I am chuffed to bits.  Thank you so much Veronika.  It will be treasured.




  1. What a lucky girl you are, the painting is stunning :o)
    Rose H

  2. Lucky you, she does some lovely paintings. I especially love her Tulip, Iris and Water Lily ones. x

  3. Hi Rose and Dragonfly

    I consider myself very fortunate. The paintings are even more atmospheric in real life. The Iris one another mutual friend has and it reminds me of the famous Iris painting (unfortunately I cannot remember the artist's name at the time of writing this) but I have a needlework canvas of it to work at some point. I really love art work of any form and it is incredible that there are so many different styles and ways of producing something that is very unique.

    Take care and look after yourselves




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