Friday, 23 March 2012

Yay Thank God its Friday

It has been a long old week this week and I am very thankful that it is the weekend.  I still am not firing on all cylinders and feel a bit icky, but I have a lot to do and so little time to do it in.

Today has been a gorgeous day; the sun has been out - I went into town as I usually do for fresh air, stretch my legs and get away from my desk but today without a coat it was well warm.  Today we have had events at work in aid of Sport Relief, a dress down day, Wii Sports Event, cakes etc.  So I have been to work in my casual wear today i.e. my jeans.  Its been busy but that is par for the course.

I managed to score a bargain at the fabric store today 3 metres of over 60 inch wide furnishing fabric for £5 - so I have bought three metres of a dark green and a more appley green textured fabric 6 metres in all for £10.  I shall have another mosey again next week to see if anything else takes my fancy.  I have a load of canvas needlepoint panels that I have completed over the years all different but similar colourways and I thought I would start making the cushion covers for these to be inserted to; buying the fabric like this means I get the colourway I want but also for any future panels I complete I wil be able to make a matching cover up to display it in.  I love deep squishy cushions that look good but also feel good against my back.  I am all for creature comforts.  I am also incredibly lucky that I was taught to sew; a skill much in demand these days.

I also managed to pick up a very attractive chiffon style stole in one of the Charity shops at dinner.  I was in there checking out gentlemans cotton shirts.  The going rate for the same seems to be £3.50 at the moment in Peterborough.  I am tempted though to start collecting a few so that I can have a go at a frugal style quilt for the house; but I think I am going to have to check out OH's shirts that are far too small for him first.  At this time of year I am always split between making things and planting seeds etc. Will see how tomorrow goes and if I am up to it and the weather is nice I might attack the back garden again.

I also need to replace the covers on the two mini greenhouses; think have spotted some replacement ones in Wilkinson's for £5 a piece so will have to go and snaffle some once I get paid.  That way I will be then able to get my seeds on the go.

This time of year come Friday night I want to be on my travels to pastures new to seeing different parts of the country and to venture forth to a few favourite ones like Cornwall and Devon; but sadly that is not to be for a little while which is a little frustrating to say the least.  I think I must have inveterate gypsy syndrome in my soul or a definite wanderlust of one sort or another; but equally I love being able to potter in my home and do homely things; bit of a free spirit really don't like being tied down.

Anyway I am off to potter

Hope you have a lovely evening and weekend




  1. a weekend potttering in the garden will set you up... maybe a bit of sewing in the evening as well? or planning at least xx

  2. Enjoy your pottering Pattypan!

    Hope you're feeling better soon & have a good weekend!

    Love Kay x

  3. Sorry to read you're still not feeling 100%. A weekend soothing the soul in the garden is just the ticket :o)


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