Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch up and Ideas for storing things

Earlier today the cats went missing; and I thought Demetri had gone out again and I knew Squeak would be upstairs in her usual place on the bed.  I went up to start tidying my bedroom and what did I find, but Squeak had a new bed fellow - the missing Demetri.  This is the first time I have copped him on the bed but he was there for a good couple of hours and Squeak didn't bat an eyelid.

I have been pottering in the bedroom this aftie trying to tidy away all those girlie bits and bobs.  I don't have a dressing table but have two mismatched chests of drawers at the bottom of my bed, on which on the top I store most of my girlie bits and bobs.  I currently have long hair which for work I wear tied back  either in a twist bun or pony tail as it gets on my nerves when I am working, but when I am at home I like my copious waves to run free. and I like it to be clean.  As a result I have loads of hair slides,  scrunchies, clips, hair bands, hair wraps, ruffles etc but every so often I tend to have a good sort out and put eveyrthing away so I can find what I am looking for when I need it.  I am the same with my faux earrings and necklaces and even my good stuff jewellery box has been tidied out today. 

 I keep all my scrunchies on a couple of pine paper roll holders, as the scrunchies go straight down over the central pole and it keeps everything nicely stored away; I tend to colour coordinate them so that I can find things when I am in a hurry; then they don't get put back until I have a good sort out like today.  Trouble is it is time consuming and does get a little while to get sorted, but at the end of the day it will make everything tidy again.   The main assault will get done tomorrow.  Once this room is well and truly sorted I can then get the ironing done and everything stored away in its proper place so everything is nice and tidy.  There is a method in my madness.

I also have three wicker picnic style baskets in graduated sizes which I used for keeping my hair bands, hair slides, hair pins, clips etc together with three graduated small oval tins with rose design on for my hair grips, hair pins for doing up in a bun  and other hair clips in.

 I also have an old glass tea caddy which I bought a few years ago at my first ever auction for £5. I bought it to store beads in.  The lid has got a little damage on the underside over the years but I can at least see the contents.  Simple things like this can be reused and refound by using them in a different way to that which was originally intended.

My two chests of drawers  also got sorted out and I sorted socks in pairs, tights in another, underwear and nightware  etc etc.  I also put up the most delightful tin tole ware flower basket hook in my bedroom - I won this in a give away from my good friend Rose and it goes in so well with the bits and bobs I have in my bedroom.  Thank you Rose I am well chuffed with it.  the colours match in with two mirrors with decorated frames (different sizes same design on) which I also have in my bedroom.

Today was also the day when I gave my nails a long over-due manicure a little bit of tlc time; my nails do tend to get badly neglected, but I aim to do them a lot more regularly than I have been doing.  I tend to get hang nails and then end up ripping the nails, so I think I am going to pop myself back on the cube of jelly a day regime to see if I can improve the quality of them as well. I only tend to wear nail varnish if I am going out somewhere special.  It takes ages to dry on me in any event as the circulation in my hands is none too good because of the Raynaud's syndrome and I have been told by my  nail beautician that as a result the nail varnish takes a lot longer to dry on my nails.  I very rarely wear makeup as such either although I do have some but am just not in the habit of wearing it.  My father didn't like me wearing it and so I have as an adult tended not to wear it; I am extremely lucky in that I do have a very good complexion.  I might have a go at my toe nails tomorrow.

Well must get on hope you have all had a good day.  Would love to hear if you have recycled an object into your home and used it elsewhere and given it a different use

Catch you soon and have a lovely Easter

Love to everyone




  1. I also use pic ik baskets for storage but I love the sound of your tea tin, it always feels good to have a tidy up day, have a wonderful Easter weekend, you and the kitties,

  2. Love the way you re-use things :o) I'm glad the tole ware hook fitted in so well :o)
    Hope you and yours have a lovely Easter Trishia.
    Sending hugs
    Rose H


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