Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Morning

Happy Easter everyone

We have gentle rain here at the moment; ll good stuff for mother earth and for ourselves.  I have been outside the back door with a cup of tea in hand, just standing and listening, with the bids singing, chickens clucking and crowing and doves cooing; it is not warm but it is not cold either; nature coming awake a most glorious welcome to each day.  The sky has been grey so far, but the sun is making a big effort to come through.

My cherry tree is just starting to come into blossom, I am hoping that this year we will get the cherries instead of the birds.  It is quite gentle mornings like this when I wish I had that plot of land where I can plant my orchard just like my grandparents did all those years ago and which trees many of which were still going strong sixty years after being planted.  They still produced a good harvest; but the chap who bought the bungalow sold off the surrounding orchards as plots of land for sale and completely wrecked the ambiance and peacefulness of my grandparents home.  He also took out the 8ft high copper beach hedge and the thorn hedge on the front of the bungalow and nearly everything else my grandparents had nurtured and grown. 

There is an ambiance and peacefulness to living in the countryside and becoming one with the countryside.  One of my favourite books Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee expresses this so beautifully you could be there in the countryside due to the magic of his words.

It would seem that my morning peace has been shattered a little dog has just found her way down to me and wants her morning cup of tea; if she is stirring that means OH will not be very long behind her.  so my stillness and peace shatterd for now I am off to make a cup of tea for her ladyship and myself.

I hope you find peace in this brand new day and that you have a lovely Easter Sunday however you are celebrating it.  I think I will make myself a couple of boiled eggs for brekkie too.

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