Saturday, 14 April 2012

Evening everyone

Rowan, Rose, Kadeeae, Trudie and Shagrat thank you all for your good wishes; it is very much appreciated.  Its ages since I have had a migraine as bad as this one has been; I used to get them quite regularly at one time. I take after my father in this respect it seems to be a bit of a family affliction.

Shagrat I have epilepsy (which is controlled without medication at the moment) and I am light sensitive(strobe lights in a disco hypnotise me not a good thing). Because I am on a computer screen at work all day and then I play on here in my spare time I have probably been on longer than I should have; so I am trying not to be on as much at the moment and hoping to do other things when I feel a bit more with it.  Although in all fairness I do need new glasses as I can now no longer see the needle on my sewing machine, so thank you for the timely reminder at the moment I only need glasses for close work.  Will have to get that sorted in the next couple of weeks or so I think a trip to Specsavers is on the cards.

I have had my first proper meal for the past couple of days tonight; have had home made egg and chips and boy did it taste good.  Served up with sliced Tiger bread. So I am now full.  Simple food is often the best.

You will be pleased to know I am taking it easy (although It doesn't fit very well with me) I am doing as I am told on this occasion. [chunter chunter]

Hopefully I will pop by tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good Saturday evening wherever you may be

Love to all




  1. So glad that it's finally easing for you. :)

  2. So pleased yoou are feeling better now and taking it easy!
    Hope yoiu have a lovely day tomorrow :o)
    Rose H

  3. Hugs n love

    Thinking of you!



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