Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday afternoon

Hope you have all had a nice day; nothing special going on here at all;  we walked Missy this morning OH wasn't feeling too clever and didn't really want to walk her but that isn't fair on her so I made him go and I went with him  It was a nice walk; the sun was trying to shine through but in any event didn't and it has been grey damp kinda day interspersed with rain showers.  We do so need the rain and the boardwalks where we walk Missy were looking well replenished and back to normal which is a blessing as it is very much a haven for wildlife of all descriptions.   

Nevertheless I have been busy in the bedroom -major cleaning going on and sorting out.  I have already had the stuff out from under the bed, hoovered, washed all the skirting boards and window sill and had my bedside chest of drawers emptied out, and taken out and re-sorted. I have also washed the carpet down the side of my bed as well just to freshen things up and that's my side of the bed  all spick and span and sorted.  The middle was dealt with yesterday and now to do the other side. I will probably start that again after tea

 My rocking chair is all nicely polished and gleaming again.  I had a sit down earlier and just rocked I nearly dropped off to sleep and that would have kinda defeated the object. My rocking chair has a history; many years ago we went on holiday to the Lake District and whilst there found a fantastic pine shop.  I love pine furniture but what I was astounded to find was a bentwood fiddle back rocker.  It was love at first sight and OH ummed and arhed and in the end said I could have it.  I then got the benefit of a second holiday some eight weeks later because that is when we went back to collect the rocker.  I have had it ever since.

I am just waiting for tea to cook; we decided to not have a roast this weekend bearing in mind time is at a premium, so we are having cottage pie with cheese crust and shredded buttered cabbage for tea with chocolate mousse for pudding.  All home made of course.

Anyway I am going to get my tea.

Catch you all later on



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