Sunday, 22 April 2012

I forgot to tell you last night whilst calling for his lordship I saw a shooting star and I made a wish.  What was unusual was that it wasn't high in the sky and it looked as though it was a falling one heading for a garden further up the street; but I still made a wish all the same.

Its been very cold and wet here this afternoon and into the evening. (I have had to put the heating back on) At the moment it is raining cats and dogs; even Demetri found his way in through the window he is now cuddled up on the settee fast asleep - Squeak is on the other one.

I did a little baking earlier on a couple of batches of coconut cheesecakes and two rhubarb crumbles one of which is destined for the freezer and I made four batches of pastry in the food processor. (still have to use this up probably finish tomorrow night.   I am quite chuffed with the pastry it tastes really good if I do say so myself but for some reason I always make very short pastry.  My mum has told me that apparently my grandmother did as well.  Pastry has always been a nightmare for me.  I have cold hands until it comes to making pastry and then they heat up and get over hot and thats where it tends to go all wrong. I therefore intend to persevere over the next few weeks or so.

I shall make a couple of batches of muffins tomorrow night when I get in, some of which will get frozen.

We have had roast pork with all the trimmings for tea and that went down very nicely too and there is still plenty left for tomorrow night.

I have work tomorrow and it looks as though it will be another long week.  I have enjoyed my weekend - I have taken things easy for a change and have quite enjoyed being at home just pottering.  I was intending to hem some fabric for tablecloths. I have already been round them on the overlocker now all I need to do is mark the hems up, pin and tack them and then sew them on the sewing machine.  I am trying to do all like jobs together so that I can zip along either on the hemming or the sewing machine stitching the hems up.

Right its time I went to bed and got cuddled up under the duvet.

Take care and be safe wherever you are

Catch up soon



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