Sunday, 1 April 2012

In search of my life path

As I sit writing this in early morning, the sun is shining thank goodness it is a beautiful day; the birds are singing there is the occasional call of the local cockerel and life is running full on.  I always feel much more cheerful when the sun shines it offers so much hope with the turn of the page, a new day on which to write a new script; new avenues to explore and more experiences and adventures individual to us all as our life path is our own,

Although I am a firm believer that before we come into this mortal coil, we hand pick those companions we wish to have along the way (i.e. there is a major planning meeting before we are born and we choose our players our companions to accompany us upon our journey, and they appear like actors throughout the course of our lives in different parts and in different life times.  You always recognise there people because you feel that you have known them for a life time .  The only difference in each life time is that we have something specific to learn and we have free will whether to take advantage or to ignore the lesson that is being taught.  Until that lesson is leaned however that persons spirit will not advance to the next level of learning, but will repeat the lesson within the life cycle until it  is leaned.  Each time we are born the memories are erased and wiped so that we have free choice, except that on occasions individuals get flashbacks.  They go to a house or a place where they have never been before and yet they know their way around the said place, said house etc.  One of my friends went to Hampton Court and although she had never been there before and yet she found herself in a room with a hidden door and she went straight to it and knew her way generally around the place.  This is just a repressed memory a flashback it has no power over you and cannot harm you.  It is very much part of you and your experience alone a piece of a jigsaw in a much bigger picture.  We are all such pieces of jigsaw and we all interconnect with each other in visible and invisible ways like a spiders web spun of gossamer. and as I keep repeating people come into each lives for a reason and a season but each one of you passes by is special and I thank you for your warmth, love, encouragement, nurturing and your smile and your friendship even if it is across the miles and with people we have never met.but you are part of my life path all the same.

I have a path to tread and a journey to follow and I thank you for being my companions along the way.

I hope you have a beautiful sun-filled day

Til later




  1. Hi Pattypan - it all sounds wonderful!

    You obviously are in a very positive place right now & it's lovely to see!

    Have a great week.

    Love Kay :)


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