Saturday, 7 April 2012

It was cold here last night; it was also very wet we had some more of the wet stuff that we so badly need around here as we are under drought conditions. Today has been rather lacklustre too it is grey and we have sporadic showers more wet stuff gratefully received;even the cat has come in from the cold.  We have given up on the window front as it was causing us more stress than him.  being woken in the morning by a prehestoric wail is enough to drive the banshees away too.  Bless him he is a creature of habit as are we all really.

Easter weekend the first usually busy holiday weekend of the year important to those who earn their living this way or are connected via a subsidiary service. Hard work but there are benefits too.   I must admit that I wish I had of been going away for a break come Thursday night gone, but there we have it, one day the wheel will move back and bring a different momentum into play.  We are put on a track for a reason for a lesson to be learned somewhere down the line, the lessons being indivual to us all; all it will take is for the wheel to be in the right place and for serendipity to intervene and changes will follow.  Ultimately  being in the right place at the right time and it is not what you know but often who you know that makes all the difference.

My momentum seems to have left me for the past couple of days, so I really ought to try and get my mo jo going again and get a wriggle on; things to do in fact lots to do.

Catch you all later on




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