Saturday, 7 April 2012

Last Post for today

Sorry I have not been back sooner I have only just got in.  I have had my friend making the first block of her patchwork quilt  which consists of four smaller blocks; she just has to stitch two halves together to make the bock.  My friend is buying  this as a part work in this country.    You will find the link here - and a picture of the quilt which Laurie you asked for a picture of.  she has really got stuck into it tonight

I hope to get this partwork when the Art of Crotchet partwork finishes in a month or so.  It is quite a pretty quilt.  Just click on the tabs to navigate around the site.

Needless to say because I have been getting her cutting, measuring and sewing and making sure she has been stitching it the right way I am a little tired and this post is short and sweet as a result.

I hope to do a little crafting myself over the weekend, but tomorrow I have to tackle the bedroomm and the front room and then there is a big pile of ironing so I do not think I am, going to get into any kind of mischief anytime soon.

Catch you all tomorrow

Take care sleep tight




  1. Your friend is lucky to have you to guide her Trishia, and I'm certain she appreciates your help :o)
    Sorry to put a downer on this post, but have you worked out the cost of the quilt after paying out for each issue? Probably cheaper to buy a new bed! I'd look for a quilting book in a charity shop and buy nice fabrics in the form of clothes or bedding to cut up....but then I'm just tight-fisted ;o)
    Rose H

  2. Hi lovely Rose

    Its a win win situation with my friend her enthusiasm encourages me to have a go at some things I wanted to get to grips with but was nervous of like the patchwork. Her pleasure in discovering something new is reward enough itself for me but I have found an added silver lining too in a spin off which makes me have a go. A win win situation.

    You make a fair comment with regard to the cost of the quilt, but then part works are expensive always have been, but they serve a purpose.

    Many moons ago when both of us were working full time I used to have books etc every month and loads of magazines (which I can no longer have but I make much use of what I already have) and fabric and craft kits etc. Since living on a reduced wage I am taking pleasure in those items I already have, but I have found that I have to have something to keep the old creative juices going to give me inspiration and to spur me on. I know part works are expensive, even more so if you buy them and don't use them. For me it came down to a personal choice of what I would like (my pocket money if you like it is the only thing I have a month to myself all my other earnings keep the house going). I like being able to have a go in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace at something and doing it bit by bit and making no end of mistakes to boot. I am not very confident with things until I find my own way round them and if I don't do things this way round I never quite get to grips with things which defeats the purpose in the long run and leaves me feeling disatisfied.

    My friend has never really sewn before so being able to break things down and show her how has been a boon to. Not only that it is reinforcing what little bit I have learned by passing it on to her. My friend has several editions of the part work to date and there are some lovely tutorials and block patterns to come which have given me one or two ideas for quilts for the future. The quality of the fabric is not too bad too. I have loads of other material to use up too, so I am to get maximum use out of the partwork by creating other items from the ideas in the partwork.

    I have done this with the Art of crotchet part work too the wool being supplied by Debbie Bliss. Although I could crotchet this has introduced me to many new stitches with tutorials and ideas on how to use them which has expanded my crotchet reportoire. This one is due to finish soon and when that closes then I will start the Art of Quilting but not before.

    I have a lot of patchwork books in any event. I follow Frugal Queen's blog and have been inspired at her take on Patchwork so much so I went to the local charity shops to price up a man's shirt. I could not get them any cheaper than £3.50 per shirt - In Peterborough the Charity shops charge that much more per item even at the little Charity shop around the corner from me.

    Your comments are always welcome Rose and you raise valid points, please carry on doing so. I have for the best part simplified and cut things down to the bare bone but this is very much my only treat at the moment and perhaps not the cheapest way but it keeps me going.

    Take care



  3. I can understand your reasons for buying the part works Tricia, and can see there worth for you. How lovely that you can help and learn together :o)
    I'd love to have a go at simple patchwork, but I wonder if I have the patience and my machine is playing up something awful at the moment knotting underneath. I've tried everything I know, so I'll have to wait until my daughter visits, I'm confident she'll be able to sort it as she's a whizz with sewing machines.
    On the expensive shirts, ask the manager if you can go through their 'rag bag' for items and give a donation. Our charity shops are fine with this, I collect old towels and pillowcases for the hedgehog rescue centre and they've been most amenable to let me rifle through the rags. There's often lovely clothes in gorgeous fabrics that are 'old fashioned' or have rips that they can't sell in there. They are sold on by weight so donations are fine :o)
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the break from that 'W' place.
    Rose H


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