Monday, 9 April 2012

Potato Masher v Potato Ricer

I have always been an advocate of the potato masher the metal perforated base type like my mum always used to use.  So much so it has always been one of my instruments of (torture) choice.  However a little while back I invested in a potato ricer, and I have found that the potato comes up much lighter and airier than with the potatoe masher and that there is not always a need to add a dash of milk and some butter with them (always good when you are trying to lose a few inches). I have also gone on to find out that it mashes carrots and swede equally as well too.  All you have to do literally is open up the ricer, add steamed or boiled vegetables too and then just push down the handle making sure that the contents empty into a bowl and ta da mashed potato. I just run a spoon around to combine and there you have it nice light fluffy healthy vegetables.  It is especially good for doing the swede and carrot crush that I regularly make for the freezer.  

So which camp do you belong too ladies, the spud masher or the Ricer and if you haven't tried the Ricer yet then give it a go, although I would shop around on price as these gadgets have gone up in price a little lately but they are well worth it.




  1. I use both, Tricia. If I'm feeling energetic, the masher - not so energetic, the ricer. I'm not certain I've bought a 'good' ricer though as I can have quite a time squeezing the handles together. I often use my hand held electric mixer too, makes lovely fluffy "whipped" potato without the effort :)

  2. Afraid I use a large fork......

  3. I hated washing the ricer, so I've gone back to the electric beater method.

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies; it would seem that the elecric beater method is winning so far unless any more of you ladies would like to comment. I hadn't actually thought of the electric beater thingy so thank you for putting a new perspective on matters for me. You live and learn. Thank you ladies



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