Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Radio days and Old Old songs

Now I am perhaps showing my age or is it perhaps the way I was bought up.  I was born into a musical family; unfortunately I do not play an instrument but I do love  and have an appreciation for a wide paramaeter of different types of music.  My Dad played piano, church organ and cathederal organ as well as the violin and the mouth organ.  My grandfather played the Banjo, and the squeezebox. My Uncle played the drums and the Banjo. My nephews both play the flute.

The other day whilst sorting through some bits and bobs I unearthed some of my grandfather's sheet music; now that brought back some memories as my grandfather used to keep both my brother and I entertained by playing the banjo and we would be bawling along all heart but sometimes out of tune.  In fact as a family we used to have a sing song and used to create our own entertainment.  We also used to listen to the radio a lot on a Sunday morning when it was family favourites, where loved ones were connected with their serving forces family overseas etc. and also Sing Something Simple a radio programme on a Sunday evening.  Inevitably we would be travelling back home from my grandparents when this programme was on and all of us used to sing along in the car on the way home.

Last night I retrieved from under my bed a box full of cassettes one of which I have dug out to listen to again.  It has some real oldies on it and some of you perhaps will not know the songs and others of you will remember them  very well.

The cassette is named "Hello Children Everywhere" based on the radio programme of the same name from the 1950's.  I was born in 1959 but I still know these songs. 

Puffin Billy

Nellie the Elephant

I know an old lady

How much is that Doggy in the window

The Runaway train

When father papered the parlour

The Ugly duckling

The Owl and the Pussycat

Big Rock Candy Mountain

The little shoemaker

Tubby the Tuba

Teddy Bear's Picnic (If you go down to the woods today your sure of a big surprise,  If you go down to the woods today you'll never believe your eyes)....

Where will the dimple be (On the baby's knuckle or the baby's knee where will the baby's dimple be, babies knee or babies chin, seems to me it will be a sin if its always covered by a safety pin, where will the dimple be)

The King's New Clothes

Etc etc.

Pure nostalgia all of it

I latterly went on to get a CD version with different songs on, which is in my CD chest and which I haven't quite got to hand at the moment.

Brought back some happy memories  of dear ones long past and blew the dust off a couple of old cassettes.  Its funny what you find when you are tidying up.  Sort of takes you back to a different  time and a different place.  Time travelling of a different sort.

Right upwards and onwards.  I hope to be back a little later on.

Catch you soon




  1. I remember all those songs - used to listen to Children's Favourites every Saturday morning:) Also listened to the Forces programme on Sunday morning along with Housewives Choice, Music While You Work and Workers Playtime - the last three only during school holidays of course. Being born in 1946 I can go back a good bit further than you I'm afraid:)

  2. how wonderful to have those memories renewed xx

  3. Wow - I remember Family Favourites & Sing Something Simple! I used to spend most of my weekends with my grandparents & they loved those shows...

    We often have music playing or Sime plays his guitar & I love it. He bought me a ukulele 2 years ago for my birthday & I keep saying I'll get around to playing it, but haven't yet!

    Great that you have your old cassettes - we've got our old vinyl records which we enjoy digging out now & again!

    Kay :)

  4. Hi ladies and gents

    I just love music; I like a lot of classical music which drives OH up the wall so much so I tend to play it when he is not around as I have found his lack of appreciation actually spoils it for me. I have a keyboard upstairs ( a large one) I am going to learn at some point,(its on my bucket list but time is at a premium at the moment) but first I have to learn how to read music! Any ideas?? I also collect sheet music when I see it - have a box file full of it that I have collected from the charity shops over the years.

    I also have the old 78's that my uncles and aunts gave me when I was a nipper; a load of old singles as well, all my singles and my vinyl collection, cassettes (although not as many) and my CD collection. One day it will also be set up together. (not enough room here). I also have all my videos as well sad child that I am, but I have had a lot of pleasure out of them over the years and if I can keep them going I will.

    Glad I bought a few memories back for you as well. Happy and good times.




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