Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rain and more Rain

It has rained and rained and been blooming cold even the cats have decided  not to go out preferring to stay in the comfort of the house where it was warm and food to hand.  I have had a couple of severe Reynauds attacks this week and I have had gloves on; trouble is it takes me at least half an hour after each attack to get the circulation back in my hands.  The damp has also affected my joints.  Never mind upwards and onwards.  creak creak creak now where is the WD40!

I cooked liver casserole tonight for tea having prepared it last evening and potted it up ready just to switch the oven on, and then just doing some mashed potato.  OH was impressed and I enjoyed it too despite not being too convinced when I broached what I was going to do with it.  However you will not get me eating it his way. i.e. blue.  It has nicely warmed me up though as I was hungry.

Its like a rest home for cats here at the moment both are sprawled out don't want to go out thank you very much both in the land of nod and sweet dreams.

I am going to have an early night as I am a little down and tired and am probably best wrapped up in my duvet with an early night.  We have to deal with the hand of cards that life sets us and sometimes things are not easy for one reason or another.

Catch up soon promise




  1. snuggle in, tomorrow will be a better day,

  2. Sorry that you are feeling under the weather again - I've defintely had enough of the rain for the time being. I know we need it but there are limits!

  3. dont blame the cats for wanting to stay in !! Still raining here in Cheshire xx WHAT DROUGHT!!


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