Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Brunch


We did not have breakfast early this morning as although being up early (a certain little cat escaped last night and wouldn't come in) and I was anxious to make sure he was okay.  We had brunched about 11.30 a.m. utilising some sausages that needed using up and some bacon but I also found in the freeze (which I am currently emptying) r some fruit pudding, cherry tomatoes, some hash browns and together with four fresh eggs (2 each) we ended up having a substantial breakfast/brunch washed down with mugs of tea.   which was very satisfying and very tasty.  

I quite regularly when I can get hold of them cheaply enough freeze about 1lb of cherry tomatoes at a time.  All you need do is wash dry and bag them and then just pop into the freezer.  I then cook them from frozen and they are easil obtained from the freezer to add to different meals.  I use them in home made pizza cooked up with some fresh herbs too.  very tasty.

We then walked Missy; the breeze is very cold here in Peterborough and stormy grey clouds are gathering; the wind has also got up compared to what it was.

On the way back we popped to one of my favourite garden centres and I had a mosy round.  Lots of lovely things as usual one or two which I would quite like.  However I was particularly taken with the trees.  I would at some point like to plant my own orchard put roots down creating food and also helping reduce harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

I had a wander round the book store the other day and found a book that I quite liked the look of; I may well ask for it for my birthday at the beginning of May.  The book is called Grow something to eat every day by Jo Whittingham and from what I have seen of it on the book shelf it is a cracker.  I went into Waterstones however the price was £15 there whereas on Amazon it is a lot cheaper.

I am shortly to start some baking and preparing some different puddings for choice of for tea and use throughout the week together with some cake baking; I am in the mood for doing something and making sure that there is food available to eat readily but also trying to use up what I already have to hand.  I shall be gone for a little while but I am intent on enjoying having  a play.

We are not having lunch until later on today.  I have planned for roast pork, apple sauce home made stuffing, roast potatoes and parsnips and sweet potato, carrots, peas, cauliflower and broccoli.  That should do very nicely and then if there is any meat left over (it is only a little joint this week) it can go into sarnies with the home made apple sauce. 

Right I am off to play

Catch you later




  1. What a generous lovely blog ! I am interested in your profile : what does "Reiki II" means ? Anything to do with spirituality really speaks to me ....

  2. Hi Silver Bunny welcome to my blog. Reiki is a form on non invasive healing that works on the body's natural energy systems. Will post up a little post on it shortly.

    Take care and thank you for your kind comments




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