Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday roundup

Sounds like  am rounding horses up in a Rodeo!  Get along there ladies and gents.  (Cheeky mare that I am)!  I am feeling a lot better in myself than I have been, although I still have the remnants of a headache from the Migraine but a lot more workable and I am more comfortable than I have been.

I have had a very busy day but good day today my Mum came to dinner.   This is the first time this year I have seen Mum since Christmas despite three attempts to get together; weather and illness calling the process off but we made it at last . Have had a brilliant time with her; I treasure the time I spend with my mum its important time and she is a lovely lady.

Had a lovely dinner roast full leg of lamb cooked on a base of mixed veg  and a little water and cocooned in silver foil.  Slowly cooked with its tin hat on Gas Mark 3 for about an hour and a half and then the foil is taken off and the heat turned up to gas mark 5 and the meat browned off until cooked and then the meat is put on a meat platter covered with its foil again and left to stand for about half an hour to "rest".  Result drop dead gorgeous lamb that is moist and full of flavour.  Dont waste the mixed veg in the bottom of the pan either pop it through a ricer or through a sieve and add stock to the resulting mush that comes through the sieve.  This mush makes the most delightful gravy full of flavour and packed with lots of vitamins and most of all flavour. It is a bit of messing around but I can tell you it s seriously worth it.  Served with home made roast potatoes, baby parsnips, and sweet potato and roast shallot cooked in the home made pork dripping.  Sides served carrot and swede crush, petit pois, cauliflower and broccol gently steamed.  Not a dirty place in the house.  The lamb was delish moist and full of flavour polished down with a glass of Crabbies Ginger beer - bliss.

Needless to say mum and I had a good chat and put the world to rights, reminisced and talked about frugal living prompted by the fact that I bought something yesterday in fact two packs of something weighing 634 grammes and 534 grammes for 63 pence and 53 pence respectively.  OH loves this but we strongly disagree over how it should be eaten - my mum concurred with me at this point when she found out what he does with it and those of a sensitive nature might well be put off for life!   All will be revealed in due course.

It has been a long but enjoyable day today but at least my home is back to being somwhere near how it should be. I am back to work tomorro and  I am out tomorrow night at a friend's home for the evening.

So before I crash with an early night  let me just say

Take care, be safe wherever you may be

Love to all



  1. My mouth is watering SO much reading about your delicious lamb - you rotter! I'm dying to know what you're going to reveal....the mind boggles.
    Hope you have a peaceful night.
    Rose H

  2. Sorry to tease and to keep you on tenterhooks Rose [big grin here]all will be revealed later on and then I think I will get a mixed reaction! The lamb was super - the first we have had in over six months but a real treat.

    I had a very peaceful nights sleep I just crashed and didn't move all night - result a right crock this morning as extremely stiff in the old joints (mind you it was bitterly cold here last night and Demetri had escaped early morning through the bathroom window so it was a bit of a rude awakening this morning). Never mind.

    Catch up later on




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