Friday, 6 April 2012

Today thus far..

I haven't been able to settle to much today - especially after the frantic activity of yesterday; so I have just come too gracefully not done too much, done a little blog hopping on favourite blogs, and just enjoying the non-activity for a change.

Demetri did not manage to get out yesterday evening, but he has started chewing his way through the tape that held the window though although so far unsuccessfully.  He got thoroughly frustrated this morning and he woke me up coming up into the bedroom and yowling very loudly at me and then I upset him by letting him out the back door!  He went off in a huff!

He came in early afternoon wanted feeding and then wondered off - I was on my computer the next thing I knew I could hear gentle snoring I looked around and he had sunk himself into one of my large cushions fast asleep snoring his head off and stayed there for quite sometime.

I haven't had the heating on at home today, but it has now gone quite chilly apparently we had a frost overnight which I am not surprised about but it could have an effect on all the blossom that is out or just coming out.

We have had fish, home made chips and mushy peas with bread and butter for tea and it went down very well and filled a very big gap.  I was a tad hungry.

I am off to my friends shortly who lives over the road.  She wants to have a go at a patchwork quilt and I believe we are going to start that this evening.

Hopefully I will be back later on.

Enjoy your evening



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  1. what a lovely day, maybe you will share photos of the quilt and your friend.


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