Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Today's Roundup

It has been a busy day at work today; quite a few members of staff are still away from the office; and after the horrendous day I had last Thursday I had a lot of files to relocate, and I still have quite a lot of filing to complete as well.  Managed to get quite a bit done but still have a long way to go; with four lawyers it gets more than a bit hectic at times; bless their cotton socks.  Never mind.

I got a good nights sleep last night, but I was very stiff again this morning; am going to have a couple of paracetamol before going to bed tonight; it will be later as I have quite a bit left to do in the bedroom.  Have found even more stuff I haven't finished so that has been decanted into a large bag and is going to come downstairs so that I can work away at it in the evenings.  I have four little crotchet scarves which will not take much doing so will probably tackle those first; then there is my knitted blanket all the squares are knitted just need the balance of them sewing together and then the rib finished off; then the tea cosy where the needles broke (I haven't got a clue where the pattern is at the moment that is in apple green and cream) and several cross stitch kits; a cross stitch sampler that I must finish for my bedroom which is rather pretty and my three crotchet blankets.  I am hoping to get back into a regular pattern next week with doing a little bit each night.  I have also sorted out the first pile of fabric for being attacked by the sewing machine at the weekend; once they are made up that will provide me with more space to work.  There is a fleece door curtain to make, a kitchen sink skirt in yellow gingham, a couple of ironing board covers, three or four table cloths, bread cloths, a couple of table runners.  I have also found four boxes of fashion typed wool that I had forgotten I had got all in different colours and a bag of baby wool in pinks and yellows and then there is my long forgotten clippie rug made out of old recycled denim jeans.  It will be nice to get some of this lot completed and I am going to set up a post where I post photos of the projects I manage to complete that way you will now that its not all talk but some action too.  I can quite happily keep myself occupied, and can never quite understand people who say they are bored.  Sorry its a word that just isn't in my vocabulary.  I have found a knitting pattern for a jacket that I would quite like to knit in purple probably a winter project certainly not at the moment.  That has been put to one side.  I have also found some more patchwork fabric which I think is going to be suitable for a hexagon quilt; and this is all stuff I have had for years.

Right have to get on - its going to be another late night by the looks of things.

Catch up soon

Love to everyone



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