Sunday, 1 April 2012

Walking Missy

We have travelled by car down to but not quite at the riverbank, into playing fields that run alongside the river; we have walked the paths in a circular route in the bright sunshine, noticing the wild vegetation springing into life there is a lot of blossom that has come out and lots of plants that have set buds that could be affected and knocked back by the threatened wintery weather that is due certainly around here come Tuesday. The consequence of this will to be to knock everything back and if the weather is as cold as it says it is going to be affect the blossom ; the weather coming at the wrong time which in turn could impact on the promise of  fruit wild produce and crops to come.  We had a leisurely walk for us (Missy went off like a mini missile as she always does running in amongst the trees and the hedgrows putting up birds and rabbits and  just being mischievious not hurting anything, but running and running just full of fun and enjoying the freedom of the fields without having to be restricted).  Such a happy little dog and so much full of fun.

The nettles are starting to come through, it will not be long before I will be making all things nettle orientated including some nettle wine for the "cellar".

I have been pottering a little in the garden. I have disposed of the old covers and cleaned the frames down and then put the new covers over.  So all is clean for seeds to be sewn; will wait until this predicted cold spell is over with and that reminds me I need to get some more fleece to cover up anything I plant to keep it safe from any more cold weather.

I have had a mad five minutes with the sweeping brush and Missy - she hates it and goes into attack mode, trouble is because I have played with her in the past like this she goes nuts everytime I use the brush even to sweep.

Must get on and check the dinner. 

Be back later



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