Thursday, 5 April 2012

Yay I'm on Easter Holidays

I have had a particularly busy day at work today its been non stop all day as Lawyers are going on holiday and I was on my own as my colleague was also on holiday and not due back until the middle of next week.  However, I received a surprise  I have my first Easter egg from the firm all the staff received one.  That's enough about work as I am now on holiday and don't go back to work until Tuesday.  

Since being home from work I sat and relaxed for a little while; I then went out to see a friend for a little while longer, and then when I came in around 9.00 p.m.OH sent for a prawn balti with rice and Naan for me.  I was just in the mood for one and it went down well.  I am now in holiday mode Yippee and we have the card back.  Phew!

Going back to last evening though Houdini did it again; I yelled at approximately 5.30 am again no response so I left him to it and went back to sleep. It would appear that he has thrown his whole body weight against two doors which were quite firmly closed and he has managed with persistence to get through. However there was one variant when I did get up to get ready for work sir was ready sitting by his breakfast bowl and I was met with him howling for his breakfast.  So this time he did come in.  This cat seems to have his human well trained.  He is asleep at the moment but he will not be going anywhere fast tonight.  We have secured the window.  Bit of a spoil sport but enough is enough.

I am hoping to get a bit of craft stuff done this weekend .  I am pretty shattered tonight.  It is bitterly cold again and the colours in the night sky fluctuated from that really greeny aquamarine to night blue/purple black with shades of pink and lilac inbetween; the sky was lovely and clear with the stars extremely clear and little light polution tonight and the moon nearing peak fullness lighting up the night sky.  I have the heating on and it will not be long before I go up to bed perchance perhaps to dream.

Catch up tomorrow

sleep tight




  1. Hope you enjoy your down-time Trishia, I know you will make the most of it!
    In the meantime here's some sincere Happy Easter wishes xx


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