Friday, 11 May 2012

Just a quick note

Before I wend my way to work.  We have bright sunshine for a change this morning instead of rain although the wind is blowing a hooley.  Now OH is working I have  to walk to work but the exercise will do me good even though for the past few weeks I have been extremely uncomfortable on my pins and have had to use extra pain control to ease things up a bit.  I am not one for popping pills it really goes against the grain bu when the weather is like it is I have very little choice.  The wind has blown over my growing frames fortunately there was nothing in them so I am hoping to get them sorted out tomorrow I am hoping that the weather is fine so that I can do some sorting out and I still have to transplant my strawberry plants that were bought last week. I have the tubs and the compost and it is very much a matter of getting them potted on.

Sorry its short and sweet but I have to run  will hopefully catch up later on.

Hope you have a good day wherever you may be

Catch up soon



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  1. Hope your day went well and your pins are feeling better!


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