Wednesday, 6 June 2012

From Proving Bread to making Home Made Pizza

Last evening I went for a little wander again on the Internet as you do when you have a few minutes just looking and having  a mosey.   Well that was after I had put on a loaf of bread for general use as we are well and truly out of bread.  Anyway back to the Internet.  There seems to be a bread or associated bread product theme developing here.

I am always amazed at the ingenuity of people trying to solve a problem with whatever project  or task they have in mind as in the home made bread proving box referred to in my earlier post

Equally I thought a heat pad was to apply pressure and heat to a physical injury - I have never thought of using it to prove my bread but it is an original solution to a direct problem.

Where did I find this little gem, by surfing the Internet a week to ten days ago and I came upon this site whilse I was cruising through Pinterest.  The bread looks really good.

Its a method I may also look into further and I think I could use it with my wine making as well.  I try and get as many uses as I can out of  a piece of equipment and am always open to investigate a different take on things or a different view; if it is a practical skill and it works for me I end up popping it into my repertoirre.

However, the next Item I could have done with last night to cook my pizza on. (I used baking trays)  What a cheap alternative to cooking pizza in the oven.  I really like this one and think I may pop into the tile shop for a couple of very large unglazed tiles.

Oh well better late than never

The sun has really got its hat on today it is a bright sunny morning and it looks at the moment like its going to be a lovely day.

I have done strawberry smoothies as part of our breakfast for this morning and am hoping to do pancakes and waffles sometime during the week.  Umm bluebery pancakes scrummy

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you get up to

Catch up soon



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