Saturday, 2 June 2012

Good Morning (or should I rename this Faith, Hope and Charity)

It is a dull grey chilly Saturday morning here in Peterborough a distinct change from the lovely weather we have had during the week and the intermittent rain.  I don 't really do grey - it is a nothing sort of colour it tends to get me down (there was grey wallpaper in this house when we moved in which has been replaced with bright pinks yellows and golds, whites lilac and purple and pinks and greens - as I love colour) but it does play its part as it helps blend all those other colours we have in our lives it fills any nook and cranny and helps hold the bigger picture in place in this rich mixture of our sometimes simple sometimes very complicated lives.

The bigger picture  - what does that mean it is something often that we know is there, but it does not always become clear or reveal itself easily  as it is made up of lots of little bits that independently don't mean much but when blended together well it can create something fantastic.  We are all works in progress.  Its like us really; we are all the sum of our parts made up of lots of little bits of experience, emotion and physical bits and bobs ooh and timing we must not forget timing; that can blend everything together superbly if everything is in its place.

Sorry for being so profound so early in the day, but change is on its way again I feel it most distinctly and yet have no idea of the route or where it is taking me as an individual or the places it is taking me to; it is just evolving with each footstep forward.

I cannot explain  my inner feeling but its as if I am waiting for something to all come together a series of events, certain people, certain opportunities - its as though I can feel them see them cannot touch but I just know something intangible is there I can feel it and I can smell it - the wheel will turn in a few weeks again another notch in the cog; perhaps all will be revealed then or maybe not.I feel as though I am in  constant waiting I do not know what for but I will recognise and know it when it happens; Its as though I am a sentinel waiting for a gate to open. 

Patience is a watchword here something I have not learnt easily over the years and still from time to time I have episodes of great impatience.  Everything will be revealed when the timing is right  and everything is in its place. Faith gives rise to hope - and when there is hope there is always a new horizon and something to look forward to something to reach for.  The one thing we should never forget is charity and kindness - they often oil the wheels of difficult situations and make everything more bearable and I think charity and kindness are conditions of the heart where we give something of ourselves which is unconditional to others; but given freely.  What greater love can there be.  We cannot help seeing good in others (even when it is not easily apparent but it is there) or how we love, and who we love - that is a peculiarly human condition but it tells us that we are alive.  Thank goodness for little mercies. Unconditional love is the purest kind of love usually meaning that you do not seek to change a person but you accept them for who they are and love them warts n all even when they make mistakes; you have to make mistakes to truly learn.  An experience which people often put a negative edge on but which really is a positive experience as it helps you learn new things.

It will soon be midsummer's day again 21 June we are half way through the year but the season still feels out of kilter; perhaps it is the long winter, then the incessant rain and then being told that we are in drout conditions but things don't seem as they normally are at this time of year.  The day when the light starts to wane again ever so gently and seasons change with subtlety and grace.  I am waiting for an explosion of colour later on in the year when harvest time comes once again and in the interim I am trying to deal with each day one day at a time and with grace.

Catch up soon

Love to everyone




  1. Good morning to you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  2. Thanks Kimmie and Heartpoet much appreciated

    Take care




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