Saturday, 9 June 2012

Honest I just sat down for a cuppa

Honest I only just sat down for a cuppa and I was nabbed just like that.  Spare lap comfy seat I am grabbing some of that whilst she is sat down - she won't dare move once I am on there.  Squeak decided I was fair game, she hadn't had a cuddle for a day or so and was for that moment in time going to make the most of the fact that I was on my own with no other interference (i.e. Missy or Demetri being about).  So she sat on me and wouldn't budge.  When she want's something she can be quite persistent.

Anyway cuddle over (I wouldn't want her any other way) tea nearly drank and I am deciding what to do next.  I think I am going to get on with the ironing pile - it is slowly coming down but there is still a fair way to go.

It was really rough last night - I was starting to fret as Demetri had gone out and hadn't returned, but he came in at the last minute.  I then lost Squeak I thought she had escaped whilst I was getting Demetri in - but the little madam decided she was playing hide and seek under one of the clothes rails in the bedroom it hides her quite nicely (normally she responds when you call her - she thought it was great hoots mum running round calling and searching for her so why spoil the game!).

Its still blustery here in Peterborough this morning; still blowing a hooley - temperature has gone down quite a bit.

Hope everyone is safe and snug at home and if you have to go out please take care.

Right I am going to crack on.

Will pop back a little later on


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