Friday, 22 June 2012

I am home for now

Just a quick post for this evening I am home after being away looking after my mum for the week.  We had fun and games at the hospital this morning as they were taking her dressing off; it was a four layer dressing and it was well and truly stuck mum nearly passed out whilst they were taking it off (a problem that she has and which had not reared its head for a while - the appointment should have been half an hour to change the dressing we were in there an hour and a quarter.  It would appear that the graft is beginning to take.  We will see what happens in the weeks ahead as mum has been recalled to see the skin specialist within the next fortnight.  Fingers crossed toes plaited that everything is going to be alright or PMA Positive Mental Attitude.

I am back to work on Monday back into the fray; and I have  lot to do before then - OH is working all day tomorrow so will just be me Missy and the cats for tomorrow and I have a lot to do I think it will be an early start as I want to take advantage of what little time I have to get straight.

It chucked it down most of the night last night; I was wandering in the wee hours again could not settle and I am one to get up and have a wander and poke my nose out of the window.

It is very windy here at the moment.  I hope you are all safe snug and warm wherever you may be.

Catch up soon

Hugs to everyone




  1. Will keep your Mum in my thoughts, Tricia ~ hope all is well at her next appt. :)

  2. Thank you Kadeeae - it is much appreciated



  3. WB home. Soft squishy hugs for both you and your mum xxx

  4. Your poor Mum! That must have been awful for her. Hope all goes well from now on. Enjoy your weekend.


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