Thursday, 7 June 2012

Is summer ever going to start

I am a bit down in the dumps today as we have rain again; so far it has been a very damp year and although we need the water it is getting me down a tad.  I just wish the warmer weather would put in an appearance soon.  We have had several urgent downpours today and the roads and drains have flooded out as the drains haven't been able to cope with the volume of water. I am so grateful that I did not have to walk home tonight.

It has been heavy going at work as I have attempted to have a go at a couple of things to do with work that have never had to do before.  It is a steep learning curve and although it seem to be one step forward two steps back; I am hoping that I will get there eventually.  Fingers crossed toes plaited!

The pancakes I had for breakfast (made two large ones with the mix I made up last night) were delicious and I served them with a fresh mandarin orange whizzed up in my kitchen whizzy thing and served it as a sauce.  I did not strain the sauce as it had mixed up well and after all we need some roughage in our diet.  But they were very tasty and I was able to concentrate better at work; I really needed to today thank goodness I had a good breakfast.

We have gammon and fried eggs for tea - not doing chips and then probably some fruit and cream for pudding.

Hopefully I will be back a little later depends how things go

Back soon



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