Saturday, 2 June 2012

Its been a busy day

No peace for the wicked (although I am not quite sure what I have or haven't done!)  I am trying to make the best time and use of the time I have to get the house nice and tidy prior to me disappearing to my mum's to look after her Removing furniture and items from my bedroom - I am in the process of having a major bottom out;  Curtains are going to be washed tomorrow and re-hung - the carpet is going to be cleaned and the wardrobes and chests of drawers  polished with beeswax and then sorted and any suitable items being put aside for the local charity shop.  I am also going to go through OH's wardrobe and sort out those items he does not want any more.  I am hoping that there are some shirts he doesn't want anymore that I can re-utilise in the patchwork bag and hopefully make a good start to a quilt (am thinking jelly roll here).  I have also located a small tray embroidered tray cloth which I am going to turn into some lavender sachets I have already decided that some UFOs are going with me to my mum's so that I can take advantage of the quiet times when I am  not pottering about doing housework or looking after her and it would be nice to get some of these projects done and dusted and out of the way.  I think I shall take one of my blankets with me as well as I can always make use of just a few minutes spare as it is easily picked up and put down again.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Its been grey and chilly here today but I am determined that the heating is not going on unless it has to; I have kept a couple of the windows open to let the fresh air in and to freshen up the house.  I have popped on a very thick sweatshirt with a "wicked willy" logo on it.  I have had it about 8 years and it is still going strong. One of my housework sweatshirts which is snug and cosy..

I also have to get a wriggle on and get some baby sewing, knitting and crotchet done.  My step-daughter is due her second child at the end of September [another little boy] (that's if she goes full term) and two of the ladies I work with are also expecting  within a couple of days of each other I believe they are due October/November time .  I have found some wool and a pattern now I have to find the knitting needles.  They will turn up; I have three to do to start with and if I get time I may well set about making a blanket or shawl each.  Will have to see how the time will pan out.

Once the bedroom is sorted will sort the stairway and give that a good scrubbing out too and then on to the lounge - that will probably be Monday at the rate I seem to be going at the moment.

We have had a lovely tea tonight rib eye steak onion rings, home made chips and fried mushrooms served with bread and button and horseradish sauce.  Very tasty it was too.

For dinner tomorrow we are having minted lamb chops instead of a joint for a change slowly cooked under foil with a little water for about an hour and then served with seasonal veggies.

Have been watching the Voice this evening and I am well chuffed that Leanne has won it

Catch up soon




  1. Hello, another one raising her husbands shirts LOL
    I am even eyeing up my neighbours on their washing line!
    I was interested to read what you said about the grey wallpaper. We had a similar colour in our sitting room when we came and I couldnt bear to be in the room. Now it is a gentle gold and much more welcoming.
    My son was born at the Edith Cavell hospital when we lived in Rutland.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Kath,

    Its totally addictive fabric crafts of any sort. At least its the shirts you are eyeing up and not the undies! Sorry could not resist that. Although I am also eyeing up old teashirts as well at the moment as I have in mind to knit a couple of rugs out of the scraps - something for nothing just a bit of time and ingenuity.

    We are all influenced by colour and I have found that depending on what mood I am in depends on what colour I put on for work. The grey in the house though really did me in and I just went for more vibrant colours. I love the colour gold and I love what you have done to your house since you have been there.

    The Edith Cavell hospital in Peterborough has been added on to; the old Peterborough District is now derelict and what was known as the Edith Cavell is now known as The City Hospital.

    Whereabouts in Rutland were you? We lived at Gunthorpe, just outside of Oakham in one of the Lodge Cottages to the Duke of Rutlands shooting Lodge Gunthorpe Hall. My brother was born there. Its the first place I really remember as the cottage had leaded light windows and was quite charming. From there we moved to Uppingham where I started school. Small world. Bet you love it where you are though wit a view of the Tor and such a lovely area.

    Hope you have a good weekend too

    Take Care



  3. We lived at Market overton, just North of Oakham. small world indeed!


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