Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Late on Parade

Its been a hectic day today - I have only been home a little while as I was out at the monthly meeting of the Pyschic and Spiratual Fellowship.  It was a very good meeting with our guest speaker this month being Moira Hibbert a Minister with the SNU It is always a delight to see Moira work as she really is tenacious and likes to give all spirit a voice.

Since being in I have finished off the bread loaf that I started before I went out; I hardly had chance to grab more than a sandwich for tea before having to disappear out. I have also ironed OH's clobber for work tomorrow; the bread is primarily for his pack up.  I have also prepared a batter mix for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.  Its another early start with me having to walk in again,, but that is par for the course at the moment.  Monday coming because of the shift OH is working I will have to walk in and walk home but on a positive note the exercise will do me good.  Tomorrow night will be time to play catch up with a few things and contacting people I have been meaning to get in touch with for a while, but I intend to sit and ring tomorrow.  I have a lot to do this weekend in readiness for me going away to look after my mum.  

Would like to say Hi to some new faces; its always nice to welcome new followers.

Right must wriggle off as I am tired and need some sleep and its another early start in the morning.  Am going to go up and cuddle under the quilt.

Catch up with you soon I promise



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