Monday, 4 June 2012


Good morning.  It would be nice just once to be able to come too peacefully in my own time without a Jack Russell landing on me desperate for fuss and determined to get me up playing bouncy bouncy everywhere and not being too gentle with where her paws land!   Its a lovely day here in Peterborough the sun has his hat on and there is no rain.  It has rained again all night, but it is so nice to see the sun again.  I didn't put the heating on last night even though it went really cold I just threw another quilt on the bed as I don't do cold very well and its always lovely to cosy on under a quilt  so comfy.

Demetri escaped again last night.  Not the most fortuitous night to escape; I left the window open for him but it would appear that he did not come in until about 6 am.  When I got up he was on his blanket under the table and looked a pretty sorry sight - completely knackered desperately trying to get some shut eye and there was us lot roving around disturbing his beauty sleep.  He has given up has joined us in the front room although he is distinctly bleary eyed; not a good day for Squeak and Demetri to have a hissy fit and start scrapping which happens every so occasionally usually due to madam being a bossy boots trying to dictate where he will and will not go after all she was here first!

Right must get a wriggle on today have a lot to do and very little time to get it done in.

I will return later on as I have an appointment with the bedroom - catch you later

Have a good one where you may be and whatever you may be up to



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