Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pizza for tea

After brilliant sunshine this morning, we have had rain and now it has gone dull again and a little chilly.  I am holding fast to not putting the heating on so am wrapped up in layers to keep myself warm.  

It was full moon last night and as is so often the case because of the position of the house I don't often get to see her unless I go out specifically into the street to see her which I did last night..  It was a beautiful full moon and not a cloud in sight bringing to a conclusion yet another cycle.  I just wish I was in the countryside where there is less light pollution to see her fully in her glory like down in Cornwall or up in Scotland.

Well the bedroom is nearly done well and truly bottomed out.  I am back to work again tomorrow; and as I did not feel like doing too much for tea this evening we are having home made pizza and being as I have quite a few ingredients in it makes perfect sense to make use of what I have.  I posted about pizza a little while ago here:

But this time round I am going to split the dough into three make two circle pizzas and finish the last piece of dough off in an oblong baking tin; each pizza will be decorated individually but the tray pizza is for OH and myself to take in the lunch box with a bit of salad.  So for a little dough you can make it stretch quite a way.

The dough is busy in the bread machine as we speak and then once it has proved for a little while it will be ready for tea.  I have some onions frying in butter and a little oil as well - just to add a little more flavour.  Plus there are a couple of different types of salami some mozzarella, cheddar, pepper, tomato passata  pineapple,  anchovies, rocket, goats cheese chives, and some herbs out of the garden plus my home made basil oil.  Hopefully it should be very tasty served with some salad and home cured pickles ( have beetroot pickled onions and chutney to hand).  I am getting hungry just thinking about this.

Right have to get on

Catch up later on



P.S.  I am getting hungrier by the minute I have just processed a tin of plum tomatoes in the liquidiser and put it on the heat to thicken it up as a base for the pizza.  The onions are nice and golden brown and so far it is tasting very good.  Pizza is another good way of using up what you have to hand in the fridge.  I think with the tomato sauce and bits that we have left over that we could be having pasta of somekind for tea tomorrow night as well.


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  1. That is one loaded pizza!! Sounds delish though, enjoy :)


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