Monday, 25 June 2012

Pottering after work

After a busy first day back at work I was pleased to get home where I was greeted by a highly excited Jack Russell who leapt into my arms as I opened the internal door and then promptly tried to lick me to death.  Once she calmed a little Squeak then pottered down the stairs and promptly sat on me as soon as I sat down demanding her share of the fuss too.  Demetri he was out and about.  He has been in for supper but these light dry nights he comes and goes as he pleases he can always get in and he has a blanket that he can curl up on if he comes in.

After egg and chips for tea with bread and butter and fruit and cream for pud I then wandered out into the garden again and got my hands dirty potting up some more seeds and also chucking out some rubbish and partly weeding the border.  Its nice to be out in the fresh air for a little while working with my hands just grounding myself down after the pressures of the day as it helps destress me.  I am hoping I can pot up a few more items and sow some more seeds tomorrow evening, weather prevailing.  My three tomato plants that my mum gave me have almost doubled in size and I am chuffed with them so far.  Tomorrow night they will get potted on to some larger pots with the culture rings on top for easy feeding.  I have had these a little while and they are quite effective.

I have quite a few strawberry plants with strawberries filling out so it wil be a battle between me and the snails and slugs which we seem to have no end of this year - must be all that damp weather.

I am tired tonight; and it will not be long before I wander upstairs.  It is still light outside and the scent of the rampant honeysuckle perfumes the evening air a sweet delicate perfume.  On this not quite dark evening with the sky littered with clouds - this house faces the wrong way.  I am one to sit out when I can in the peace of the evening.

Here's hoping you have had a lovely evening whereve you may be.  At least for the moment it is not raining here - I am hoping we have another lovely day tomorrow

Take care



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  1. glad you have some time to yourself ... I am on a DESTROY AND EXTERMINATE mission with the snails in my garden!!


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